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Texas Culture was created out of the merging of the Mexicans and yesteryear's Cowboys. Smoky, earthy, wood-infused flavors borne from long travel trails of the Settlers met with the fresh, juicy and spicy infusions inspired by the agriculture and resourceful traditions of Mexicans.

Abel Gonzales Jr., also known as Fried Jesus, is an "extreme fryer" and the five-time winner of Big Tex Choice Awards, an annual contest at the Texas State Fair, and the inventor of several deep fried items including Fried Coke and deep-fried butter. He has also been a judge on the television show, Deep Fry Masters. Being a fourth generation mexican and creating Texas inspired dishes at the state fair, Abel is the perfect person to deliver this fresh take on two flavors we all know and love.


3121 Ross Avenue Dallas Texas 75204
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